The DCSX Foundation functions as the self regulatory direct supervisory body that assures that Management of the DCSX adhere to the processes as laid down in the Rules and Regulations. It is also the DSCX Foundation that needs to approve new members to the DCSX. The Board of the DCSX Foundation is comprised of representatives of financial institutions and or other organizations whose interest it is that Curacao has a well functioning securities exchange.

Presently the Board consists of:

Name: Guiveron T. Weert
Managing director
PSB Bank N.V.


Mr. Guiveron Weert has an M.B.A. degree in Finance and a Ph.D. degree (summa cum laude)
with concentration in Financial Management. Mr. Weert worked three years
as a financial advisor and division leader at an investment firm in California. Subsequently, he
joined a local money management firm in 1998 and held the position of investment advisor
and shortly thereafter managing director. In 1999 he joined the Central Bank in Curaçao and worked
in the Banking Supervision Department and was subsequently appointed as head of the Investment Institutions and Trust Supervision Department at the Central Bank. Mr. Weert has also been teaching classes of financial accounting, management accounting, and corporate finance at
the University of the Netherlands Antilles and CURISES since 1999. Currently he holds the position of managing director of PSB Bank responsible for the financial and operational affairs of the Bank. He also acts as the Chairman of DCSX Foundation since 2013.


Name: Dick Erdmann
General Advisor Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V. (DCSX)
Board Member DCSX Foundation.
Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V.

Managing Director Sensei-Trias International Ltd: General Management financial services industry, M&A, Startups and Advisory, Venture Capital, International Securities Exchanges. Broad understanding of and experience with the local and International Financial Markets of USA, Latin America, Europe and Middle East. Keen interest in market developments and insourcing of specialized or turn-key projects for the institutional market.

Former Managing Director Merrill Lynch: Global financial services and investment banking firm. Private wealth, institutional investment advisory, brokerage and commodity futures trading.


Name: Solange M. Fingal
Chief Investment Officer
Algemeen Pensioenfonds van Curacao


25  Years of experience in the local and international financial industry.  Manages since 2004 a broad spectrum of local and international assets with a net worth of USD 2.2 Billion for the largest pension fund in the Dutch Caribbean. Highly proficient with complex financing thru debt and/or equity instruments. Master degree in business administration and bachelor degrees in Actuarial Sciences and Accountancy. Occupied different supervisory/advisory board positions throughout the past decade. Involved with the DCSX from the very beginning. Strongly believes in the power and ability of an exchange to enhance the efficiency within capital markets and amplify the possibility for demand to meet supply of capital in an organized environment, where traditional financial institutions are not able to commit.



Name: Charlene Alberto




Markets: +++ 2 1/2% CuraÇao 2010/2020 (s/a)*; +++ 2 3/4% CuraÇao 2010/2025 (s/a)*; +++ 2 7/8% CuraÇao 2010/2030 (s/a); +++ 3% CuraÇao 2010/2035 (s/a)*; +++ 3 1/8% CuraÇao 2010/2040 (s/a)*; +++ 2 3/4% CuraÇao 2013/2043 (s/a)*;