DCSX @ Seminar Access to Capital for Startups

November 14, 2018
Wealth Building Seminar 2018
November 19, 2018

DCSX @ Seminar Access to Capital for Startups

The Curaçao Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Curaçao Business Point and Empresa Chiki organized the seminar “Access to Capital for Startups” on November 14. This seminar is part of the program prepared for the Entrepreneurship week of this year.

The Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange N.V. was one of the financial institutions that participated in the program with a short presentation, participation in the discussion panel and one on one session with interested parties. Our goal by participating in this seminar was to provide insights into how the DCSX works. The DCSX offers a platform, marketplace, where businesses and investors meet. Business Owners should be aware that once they reach a certain maturity level, where they wish to expand their business, there are alternative options for financing like issuing bonds and shares on the DCSX platform.

We will continue our efforts to raise awareness on financial literacy especially for business owners, professionals,  and the youth.


Credit Pictures: Curaçao Chamber of Commerce

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