Tradeable Listing Approval for Kaijialuo Mining Co. Ltd.

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November 28, 2019
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December 12, 2019

Tradeable Listing Approval for Kaijialuo Mining Co. Ltd.

DCSX has approved the Tradable Listing of 400,000,000 trade-able shares of Kaijialuo Mining Co. Ltd. (DCSX Symbol: ZGKY) @ USD 0.60 with an initial market capitalization of USD 240Million. SHKL Group Limited is the mandated Listing Advisor. Kaijialuo was originally approved for Technical Listing on October 19, 2018, and now is the second listed entity, with operation entity in China, on the DCSX successfully converted from Technical Listing to Tradable Listing. Shares of Kaijialuo Mining can be traded through approved brokers of DCSX after deposit shares to the custodian of DCSX.

The listing entity, Kaijialuo Mining Co. Ltd. is registered in the Cayman Islands as an exempted company with limited liability on October 20th, 2017 (Company Registration No. OI-328234). The listing entity indirectly owns 100% of the shares of China’s operating entities, Zhangbei Kaijialuo Mining Co., Ltd. through its holding companies Shanghai Qinxiang New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. and Aochen International Ltd.

Zhangbei Kaijialuo Mining Company Limited (hereafter referred as “ZGKYCN”) is registered in Zhangbei Town, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, China, established in March 28th, 2013 with the registered capital of RMB 30 million. Its main business is underground mining of zinc ores, ore separation, and mineral product sales. ZGKYCN holds the whole set of production qualification certificates, including the Mining Permit, the Safety Production Permit, the Pollutant Emission Permit, and the Business License. Its mine is located in Shitouwulun multi-mineral mining area, taking up 0.4488 square kilometers, applying horizontal hole and vertical shaft. ZGKYCN has an 85-meter producing well which is able to produce 500 tons of ores per day, which is 100 kilotons of ores per year (200 days of production per year). ZGKYCN also manages a mineral separation factory that is able to process 500 tons of original ores per day. This factory is well-equipped with advanced ore processing equipment and well-built offices, with abundant water and electricity power supply. Base on ZGKYCN currently annual mining and processing capacity of 100 kilotons of ores, by China standard of mining classification mentioned above, it’s a medium-size mine and it currently occupies less than 1% of total market shares in China.

Further details about the business will be found on our Markets page on this website under Equities Symbol ZGKY, section Company Information.


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