Amicorp Global Markets (Curacao) N.V.

Address: Pareraweg 45 | P.O Box 4917, Willemstad, Curaςao
Phone: +(599-9) 434 3541
Contact person: Liza Nivillac - de Windt

Amicorp Global Markets (Curacao) N.V. (formerly known as Amergeris Global Listing and Exchange Services N.V. ) is a licensed company in Curaçao acting as a prime listing agent and broker of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (DCSX).

Our core business is to coordinate and manage the pre and post-listing process of securities on the DCSX. We play a defining role for both issuers and investors by ensuring the securities to be listed will fulfill the exchange’s requirements and its obligations to inform the public of market relevant data.

As an authorized Listing Advisor (LAD) we advise and guide a company on its responsibilities throughout the admission stages, as well as ensuring it meets its obligations once on the market. As part of that role, we also undertake extensive due diligence to ensure a company is suitable for the DCSX.

Our services include:

  • Support and guidance throughout the flotation process
  • Prepare the company for being on a public market
  • Help prepare the DCSX admission documentation
  • Confirm appropriateness of the company to the exchange
  • Act as the primary regulator throughout a company’s time on the DCSX
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