1Do Investment Funds that are listed on the DCSX need authorization from Curacao regulatory authorities?
Investment Funds that are listed on the DCSX do not need to obtain authorization from any regulatory authorities as a result of a DCSX listing. Foreign investment funds that are in compliance with regulations in their home jurisdiction do not require any additional authorizations. Curacao investment funds fall under the scope of the National Ordinance on the Supervision of Investment Institutions and Administrators (the “NOSIIA”) and must therefore comply with the provisions or exemptions as outlined in the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten’ Policy Guidelines for Foreign Investment Institutions.

Foreign Investment Funds that are traded on the DCSX will be considered to be raising capital from Curacao which falls under the scope of the NOSIIA. As such, Foreign Investment Funds must comply with the provisions of the NOSIIA or must file an exemption request. Conditions for exemption requests are outlined in the Guidelines for Foreign Investment Institutions and include a “sophisticated investor” exemption where the minimum investment amount is US$50,000 or greater.

If you are interested we can provide you with a copy of a writing by the Central Bank of Curacao and St. Maarten in this respect.
2What are the requirements to apply for a listing on the DCSX?
Requirements for Trade-able and Technical Listings are outlined under “Listing Requirements” on the Documents/Downloads page
3What is a Technical Listing?
The purpose of technical listings is not to raise capital but to elevate the company’s profile on the market and to elevate the compliance level of the legal entity, at the same time it is considered a preparation to become tradeable in the future on the DCSX trading platform.
4What is a Trade-able Listing?
Trade-able listings are what are known as “traditional” listings with the main purpose to raise capital or provide liquidity to the shareholders.
5What does Trade Approved mean?
When a listing is identified as "Trade Approved" it means that the process of Dematerialization of Shares and/or Deposit with Custodian are still pending to be completed in order to start trading on the main market.
6What is the first step in applying for a listing?
When considering a listing on the DCSX you should first select and contact a DCSX Listing Advisor. DCSX approved Listing Advisors appear on the List of Listing Advisors on the Listing Advisor section on the home page. In this section, you will find not only the approved Listing Advisor logos and contact details but also information on the Role of a Listing Advisor and the Requirements to become a Listing Advisor.
7Do I need to undertake a fundraising program when my company lists with the DCSX?
No, companies that list on the DCSX are not required to raise funds at the same time of the listing. This reflects the fact that companies can list on the DCSX for a variety of reasons. Some list in order to get a clearer valuation a/o tranparancy for their company or to raise their profile with potential future investors, customers, suppliers and the media.

Others may already have a strong balance sheet, and want to attract additional capital thru an issue of securities at some future point after having first only been listed on the DCSX.

Your Listing Advisor will advise you on fundraising, and on the most appropriate methods of promoting your company's securities to the investment community. They will also be able to provide assistance in pricing your securities.
8What are the benefits of a DCSX listing?
The DCSX offers especially smaller growing companies from all countries and throughout all sectors all the benefits of being traded on a world-class public market within a regulatory environment designed specifically for them. The DCSX is a flexible market with a simple admission process that allows more companies to experience life as a public company, and to capitalize on the resulting benefits for their businesses.
9Can you recommend a Listing Advisor or Broker?
For reasons of independence, we are unable to recommend individual Listing Advisor/ Broker firms - however, to begin your selection, you can search for listing advisors and brokers which appear on the List Listing Advisors and the List Brokers on the home page.
10How can I invest in companies that are trade-able on the DCSX?
All investors interested in buying securities on the DCSX need to have a brokerage account at authorized brokers on the DCSX. So, the account of the investor is opened with the broker NOT the DCSX. The DCSX offers the platform that the brokers are able to use. We don’t have any direct contact with the issuers or investors. The listing advisor is the representative of the issuer when dealing with the exchange. And the brokers are in direct contact with investors.
11What are the requirements for Investors to trade on the DCSX?
All investors interested in buying securities on the DCSX need to have a brokerage account at authorized brokers on the DCSX. Since the Investors are direct clients of our approved brokers, the requirements for client acceptance are established by each individual broker.

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