AMH International Holdings Limited

Address: Trinity Chambers, P.O Box 4301, Road Town, Tortola British Virgin Islands and soon also at Mahumaweg 27, Willemstad, Curacao, Dutch Caribbean
Contact persons: Chen Hao and Xue Bai

AMH, established in the British Virgin Islands and soon thru a subsidiary also in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean is an official approved broker and member of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange. AMH is committed to becoming a leading securities company operating out of the Dutch Caribbean. We have regarded China and the Far East at large as an important region for global business development. That is why AMH has gathered a group of international experts in the fields of finance, securities, investment banking, financial technology, etc., using international advanced financial securities expertise and strong financial technology strength to provide customers with fast, convenient and professional securities services in the widest sense of the word.

AMH's management team has extensive experience in international financial securities and financial technology background. The team members are from well-known financial securities institutions and financial technology companies in the United States, the Netherlands, China, Hong Kong and other. We are committed to serving our customers with a highly professional and deeply personalized service concept.

LCL Consulting Limited, founded in Nanjing, China, is the exclusive partner of the AMH in China, LCL Consulting is an investment banking and investment management and advisory company with a strong overseas background. It brings together a group of international practical experts in finance, taxation, finance, law, investment banking and another field. The concept of fiscal and tax management and strong capital operational discipline and strength require tailor-made one-stop financial, tax and financing solutions for Chinese companies. And that is what we provide. The services cover domestic and overseas listing advisory , mergers and acquisitions services , and private equity financing services.

AMH provides the full range of cooperation and support from LCL and so provides a one-stop professional service for Chinese companies on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange from listing preparation until the opening of the securities account for stock trading.

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