Maduro & Curiel's Bank N.V

Address: Plaza Jojo Correa 2-4 Willemstad, Curaςao
Contact person: Daniel D. Krijt (+5999 4661627)

MCB is the oldest and largest commercial bank operating on the six islands of the Dutch Caribbean.

The bank offers a complete line of banking products and services geared toward commercial and personal clients.

Product & Service lines include deposit products, lending, credit cards, insurance and investment services.

Local Time
FUCG  $0.09UVFS-CW  $202PGFL-CW  $100YSGF  $0.25CSKG  $0.30CORDG-UK  £0.05AURE-PA  $1,000CAPRM-UK  $0.15SDEC  $1,000ECOPL-UK  €1.80EOMA-CW  $0.01ENTA  $0.50HUWH-MO  $0.12JMYS  $0.14ZGKY  $0.60KHGJ  $0.40OFRT365  $1.39PANR-GB  $10RLYD  $0.11YIMA  $0.30ZGHT  $0.90WSYS  $0.70XIAYK-CN  $1UPXS  $0.10ZAXX-SA  €1MDSF-V9  $1,000NGRF-V9-A  $1,000NGRF-V9-B  $1,000KQGJ  $0.50SUVL-VG  $10,236.28YSAF-V9  $1,000CDSE  $0.21HHCN  $0.20LGHL  $1PHAG  SFr.250SDTL  $1UMSC  $0.73BDMS1-CW  ƒ100EOMN-CW  ƒ100CHFU-CW  ƒ100BDCB-CW  ƒ100ANVGH-US  $0.00GBIF  $1,000KYJT  $0.26HTGP  $0.66BITA-CW  $0.18PROAM-UK  £0.01FIDII-PA  $1JGIF  $2,000ZGHGF-KY  $10CDAH-CW  $12 1/2% CW 2010/2020   $113.70 +113.70 (INF%)2 3/4% CW 2010/2025   $123.55 +123.55 (INF%)2 7/8% CW 2010/2030   $130.93 +130.93 (INF%)3% CW 2010/2035  $139.38 +139.38 (INF%) 3 1/8% CW 2010/2040   $148.10 +148.10 (INF%)2 3/4% CW 2013/2043  $140.68 +140.68 (INF%)