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Solona Fund LLC

Address: Address: 30 N Gould St Ste R Sheridan, WY 82801, U.S.A.
Contact person: Jinhong Zhang
WeChat: JinhongZhangUSChina

"Solon Fund is a boutique fund that focuses on discovering and naturing platforms and teams that aspire to be leaders in their respective industry, sector, or niche. We have a hands-on approach to help our venture teams to develop and execute a 5 to 10 year strategy. We will hold 2-10% stakes with our expertee. We raise fund with a combination of private investment, VC, Private Equity, Debt, and IPOs that tailor fit our clients. Everything we do are inspired by our mission to create a sustainable and peaceful world that works for everyone to enjoy loving and happy life.

伸朗基金专注发现和发展意成为行业或细分行业或细分市场领导者的平台和团队。我们会和您一起设计和执行一个5到10年的战略规划。 我们一般会以我们的知识和时间投入您企业的2-10%的股权。我们会以多种方式融资和退出。我们的使命是创造一个和平的可持续发展的世界,让每个人过上充满爱的快乐的生活。敬请志同道合的您与我们联系。微信:JinhongZhangUSChina 或 949-397-0189

Contact Info:
Listing Executive: Jinhong Zhang
Registered address/place:Sheridan, WY 82801, U.S.A.
Phone: 1-949-397-0189 Email:
Company website:
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