Subscription term extended for Bond Issue of TerraMobile B.V. up to USD 8.2 / ANG 14.8 million

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June 20, 2023
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July 31, 2023

Subscription term extended for Bond Issue of TerraMobile B.V. up to USD 8.2 / ANG 14.8 million

The DCSX is proud to announce that last May 19, 2023, approval was granted for the listing of bonds to be issued by TERRAMOBILE B.V. , the new local mobile data- and telecommunication service provider that received a concession from the Government of Curaçao.

Under an exemption granted by the Central Bank of Curacao and Sint-Maarten and besides a private placement of (preferred) shares, the bonds will be offered to professional investors, i.e., institutional, and experienced private investors.

TerraMobile hired the services of PYGG as mandated listing advisor and bookrunner. Besides PYGG, other participating authorized brokers are Amicorp Global Markets (Curacao) N.V., Banco di Caribe N.V., Maduro & Curiel’s Bank N.V., and Vidanova Bank N.V.

The proceeds of the capital raise will be used to finance capital expenditures such as the new telecommunications network and equipment and start-up and operational expenses. Through an investment in the bonds, investors contribute to further innovation of Curacao’s telecommunication sector.

The terms and conditions of the bonds include a 6-year term and 7.5% interest per annum, paid every 6 months. The Prospectus can be downloaded through this link: TerraMobile BV – PYGG. For more information, please contact PYGG or one of the other participating authorized brokers.

Update July 20th, 2023: The subscription period for investment in TerraMobile has been extended until further notice. On the front page of the website interested visitors can register for a summary of the Prospectus and to stay informed about TerraMobile.

More information: Subscription period TerraMobile Corporate Bonds 2023-2029 7.5% extended – PYGG


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