Building Depot Member Services Bond Issue a Great Success

First local (Curaçao) corporate bond issue by Building Depot Member Services
July 5, 2016
Stock Symbol approval for: ZGHT
April 16, 2017

Building Depot Member Services Bond Issue a Great Success

The first local IPO of Bonds by Building Depot Member Services on the DCSX was a great success.

Building Depot Member Services Curaçao (BDMS) Bonds were fully subscribed and are now live and available to be traded on the DCSX. The offer to the market was 2.1m ANG of 50k ANG bonds, with a 4-year term, paying an interest rate to investors of 6.5% per annum. The Bonds were oversubscribed substantially, with brokers on the DCSX receiving subscriptions for almost 3 times the value of the offering.

At the center of the picture below Messrs. Roderick Lucia and Peter Luiten from BDMS get ready to “hit the bell” to officially launch the bonds’ availability to trade on the DCSX.










According to the DCSX CEO Mr. Römer, the significant oversubscription on the public offering on the DCSX shows that there is a large interest and local capital available to be invested in transparent, well managed local businesses. The DCSX offers a transparent platform to bring investors and target companies together. This enables idle funds to be invested into the local economy, enabling further growth for companies and return on investments for investors.

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