Clarification Delisting of Issuers and Termination of Listing Advisor status in 2022

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October 3, 2022
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November 23, 2022

Clarification Delisting of Issuers and Termination of Listing Advisor status in 2022

This year 2022, the DCSX has been further cleaning up the non-compliant issuers and Listing Advisors. The DCSX Rules for Listing Advisors and the Technical and Tradable Listing Requirements (“Requirements”) exist to guarantee a transparent and practical platform that is constantly in development to assure good communication, user-friendly and clear processes, and ultimately an optimal service for Issuers, Investors and the exchange’s stakeholders as a whole.

This clean-up entails delisting non-compliant Issuers and the termination of inactive and non-compliant Listing Advisors on the DCSX platform. Necessary steps needed to be taken for the protection of investors and/or the maintenance of an orderly market. It is important to understand that what triggers the exchange to execute the delisting of Issuers and the termination of the Listing Advisor’s status is the non-compliance with our Requirements. This includes the timely delivery of yearly requested Customer Due Diligence documentation such as the Annual Information Declaration form, Financial Statements, and updated corporate and personal documents, to name a few.

Another trigger is when the Issuer or Listing Advisor fails to pay on time any fees or levies due to the DCSX and/or otherwise remains uncommunicated towards the exchange. All these triggers can be prevented with a clear understanding of our Rules and Regulations and Listing Requirements and regular, timely, and clear communication between all the parties involved.

As we further upgrade such Requirements, we will always strive to make them ever better for the Issuers, the Investors, and other stakeholders.

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