Conversion from Technical to Tradeable Listing

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April 21, 2021
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April 30, 2021

Conversion from Technical to Tradeable Listing

Given the latest developments where more and more technical listed entities are interested in becoming tradeable, we have prepared a high-level overview of the steps to be taken for a technical listing on the DCSX to become tradeable.

What’s the difference between a technical and trade-able listing again?

Technical Listings: The purpose of technical listings is not to raise capital but to elevate the company’s profile on the market and to elevate the compliance level of the legal entity, at the same time it is considered a preparation to become tradeable in the future on the DCSX trading platform.

Trade-able listings:  Trade-able listings are what are known as “traditional” listings with the main purpose to raise capital or provide liquidity to the shareholders. Once a company is approved as a trade-able listing it will obtain the status of “Trade Approved”. When a listing is identified as “Trade Approved” it means that the process of Dematerialization of Shares and/or Deposit with Custodian are still pending to be completed in order to start trading on the main market within a period of approximately 6 months. Once the process is completed the status will change from “Trade Approved” to “Trading”.

The mentioned high-level overview on the conversion from a technical listing into a trade-able listing is documented in the memorandum titled  “Memo From a Technical to a Tradeable Listing” which can be found on our website:

We also invite you to check our publications on the topic of “Listings”:

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