Curaçao Heritage Fund (CHF) approved for listing bonds on the DCSX

Stock symbol approval for: RLYD
March 9, 2018
EoM approved for listing bonds on the DCSX
April 11, 2018

Curaçao Heritage Fund (CHF) approved for listing bonds on the DCSX

The DCSX is proud to announce that last March 31th 2018, approval has been granted for the listing of bonds to be issued by CURACAO HERITAGE FUND (CHF). The Senior Secured Bonds will be marketed to a select group of financial institutions and private investors.

The fund obtained an exemption from the Central Bank of Curaçao & St. Maarten and is supported by strategic partners: The Curaçao Financial Group N.V. (cfg), as the Arranger & Manager; HBN Law Listing Advisory Services B.V., as the Listing Advisor.

The authorized brokers are Amergeris Global Listing & Exchange Services N.V. (Lead), Maduro & Curiel ‘s Bank N.V., Vidanova Bank N.V. and Banco Di Caribe N.V.

CHF is seeking funding in order to invest in income generating properties within the UNESCO World Heritage boundaries of Willemstad, with the aim to preserve the precious heritage of Curaçao. The Initial investment of the Company will be focused on a portfolio of immovable properties located in the most atmospheric historic district of Willemstad, Pietermaai Smal.

Expectations are that the neighborhood will continue to experience growth of residential apartments, bars, restaurants, nightlife and hotel lodging, which will make Pietermaai Smal an even greater experience and a must see attraction in itself for everyone, locals and tourists.

The expected growth will come from developers restoring and renovating numerous decaying monuments still visible in Pietermaai, that with a new image will make a positive effect on the economy of Curaçao.


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