DCSX announces the listing and trading of Ofertas 365 Inc.

New Listing Advisor Trustmoore (Curaçao) N.V. with first listing.
December 22, 2015
Listing Approval Bistron Investments B.V.
December 23, 2015

DCSX announces the listing and trading of Ofertas 365 Inc.

The DCSX is glad to confirm the listing of Panamanian based Ofertas365 Inc (“Ofertas”). SSX Advisors acted as the Listing Advisor. Ofertas holds an exclusive license from Isle of Man based SHM Entertainment Ltd to operate Lucky 6 throughout Latin America.

Shares can be traded by registering at the Startup Stock Exchange brokerage portal at www.Startup.SX

The company’s shares were traded on the DCSX as of today December 22, 2015.

SSX is a member of the DCSX and functions as a Listing Advisor and Broker.

Commenting on this event, James Leppard, CEO of Ofertas, stated:
“We are delighted to have completed this listing, which is of fundamental importance to our company and the realization of our ambitious expansion plans in Latin America. The DCSX provides an ideal platform for further fundraising and provides full transparency for our new shareholders.
I would like to thank both SSX and the DCSX for their valuable assistance, support and professionalism. We now look forward to concluding a major alliance, opening the door to the huge Brazilian market early in the New Year”.

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