DCSX confirms Lismart Consulting as a Listing Advisor on its platform

Update Rules for Listing Advisors
October 8, 2019
DCSX confirms ZG Digital Brokers B.V. as Listing Advisor
December 2, 2019

DCSX confirms Lismart Consulting as a Listing Advisor on its platform

DCSX confirms Lismart Consulting as a Listing Advisor on its platform. Lismart Consulting is a young consulting company incorporated in Hong Kong by professionals with extensive experience in legal, banking and financial market matters in different jurisdictions. With a dedication to help mid and large cap corporations from the Asia-pacific region to be listed in capital markets globally, also assists small cap and even start-ups to select a stock exchange that suits their own situation and needs, like the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange. At the same time, given the extensive experience of the management team in the mutual fund and securities industry, Lismart assists with listing opportunities for investment funds, equity and bonds.


For more information, can contact their listing executives:

Name: Mr. CF Lee and Ms. SS Chan

Email : Business@limsart.com

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