DCSX congratulates Staatsolie!

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March 4, 2020
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March 31, 2020

DCSX congratulates Staatsolie!

We are happy to announce the first successful international bond listing and capital raising of STAATSOLIE MAATSCHAPPIJ SURINAME N.V.  on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (“DCSX”) in Curaçao.

The Bonds with DCSX Symbol SOMS-A1, SOMS-A2, SOMS-B1, and SOMS-B2 were substantially oversubscribed and will be available for trading on the DCSX through the mandated brokers as of March 23, 2020.  While Staatsolie’s target was to raise USD 150 million, in total they raised US$ 195 million.

A Great Success: Well-done Staatsolie!

The mandated Listing advisor is VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne. The mandated paying agent/broker for Suriname is De Surinaamsche Bank and the mandated broker for Curaçao is Vidanova Bank. Further details about the business can be found on our Markets page under Bond Symbols:

  • SOMS-A1
  • SOMS-A2
  • SOMS-B1
  • SOMS-B2



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