DCSX Team Visits the Jamaican Stock Exchange

First Dialogue of Regulatory and Operational Convergence of the Capital Markets of Central America and the Caribbean
June 30, 2022
August 10, 2022

DCSX Team Visits the Jamaican Stock Exchange

Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange representatives Mr. Dirk-Jan de Graaf, CEO of DCSX, and Mr. René Römer, Senior Commercial Advisor, during the month of June visited the Jamaican Stock Exchange (JSE) in Kingston, Jamaica.

The visit consisted of a meeting with the full Management Team of the JSE under the Presidency of Dr. Marlene Street-Forrest. The DCSX is very pleased to acknowledge the very friendly and professional reception they got from Dr. Street-Forrest and her team.  An almost full day was dedicated to the JSE, explaining where they come from, and how during the 50-plus years they were able to develop into the successful Jamaican capital market platform of 2022. “The JSE’s holistic approach where the whole community was step by step educated (and continues to be) and incorporated into understanding the workings and participating in an ever more vibrant local capital market development is impressive. A courtesy visit and chance to see where we may work together in the future turned into a very worthwhile experience and we really look forward to continuing talking to the JSE” is quoted as said by Messrs. de Graaf and Römer.

Not only the meeting with JSE but also several meetings with some of the larger brokers/stakeholders of the JSE were done and also there the experience was equally rewarding: professionalism combined with eagerness and willingness to make the Jamaican capital market work.


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