SSC resigned as LAD of NGBA International Holdings Limited
September 29, 2022
Delisting FUCG
October 7, 2022

Delisting NGBA

NGBA International Holdings Limited with DCSX Symbol NGBA, has been delisted from the exchange as of October 7, 2022, due to non-compliance with DCSX rules and regulations; specifically non-compliance with the DCSX Requirement to comply with the annual compliance obligations and/or to pay on time any fees or levies due to the DCSX. The companies have failed in this respect, in a manner which the DCSX considers material.

The DCSX shall keep its right to transfer collection of outstanding and overdue fees to a collection agent.

The DCSX must make the de-listing public on its own website as well as through the relevant social media in the country of origin of the company and/or its operating subsidiaries.


NGBA International Holdings Limited, DCSX 股票代码 NGBA。

 由于不遵守 DCSX 规则和条例,以上公司都于2022 年10月7日 被DCSX证券交易所除牌; 其原因是不遵守 DCSX年度合规义务的要求和/或没有按时支付DCSX征收的费用,此违规被DCSX视为严重。


DCSX 必须在其官方网站  公开除牌,以及通过该公司和/或其运营子公司所在国(包括中国)的相关社交媒体上公开除牌。

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