EarlyBird Funding gets first listing approved: BitAlert

EoM approved for listing bonds on the DCSX
April 11, 2018
Stock symbol approval for: CNBB
May 18, 2018

EarlyBird Funding gets first listing approved: BitAlert


BitAlert is an Android and iOS mobile application that allows people to track and analyze movements in Cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency as a phenomenon is still very new and Investors and customers in this market are struggling to understand it and who can blame them? After all, there’s so much conflicting contradictory content, articles, books and blogs on the crypto market and its coming from every direction.

BitAlert, thru advanced self-learning, creates mathematical algorithms that collect big data, analyses data points in split seconds, gives the investing public a unique and innovative way to analyze the cryptocurrency market by simplifying the process of investing in crypto coins and tokens.

The data necessary to make balanced and informed investment decisions in the cryptocurrency market are delivered directly to the public’s mobile device, laptop or even desktop. At a glance, the investor can determine the perfect time to buy, hold or sell their cryptocurrency.

The BitAlert Company Profile is located by clicking on the following link:


“We are very happy with this first listing brought to the DCSX by the Listing Advisor EarlyBird Funding (EBF). EBF has a substantial pipeline of interesting listing prospects. Without being in a position to give any investment advice, we must say that this first listing by EBF could almost not be more perfectly suited for us at the DCSX. Our mission and vision is to bring investors and businesses together and be a preferred platform in doing so for parties from all over the world. This EBF listing of BitAlert shows exactly that” (quoting the CEO of the DCSX Mr. R. Römer).

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