FUCG Listing Status: update on trade-ability status

Corporate Action: Second Semi-annual interest payment Staatsolie Bonds 2020-2025/2027
March 16, 2021
ZGKY New Listing Advisor: Lismart Consultants Ltd
March 24, 2021

FUCG Listing Status: update on trade-ability status

FUCG has informed the DCSX of its intended announcement to the shareholders that after due consideration the planned return to a tradeable listing, as announced last February 16, 2021, will be re-set for September 1, 2021. Shareholders will be informed of this decision which was made to assure a return to the trade-able status without an erratic sudden trading surge, which could only be to the detriment of the shareholder’s interests.

FUCG has informed the DCSX that it will comply with the submission of any documentation the DCSX may request in this respect. In the meantime, the listing will remain suspended.

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