ISIN Application

Applying for a CW ISIN online

The DCSX online application is used to submit requests for the assignment of DCSX identifiers for new or existing issuers incorporated in Curaçao. The identifier request system uses an advanced technology platform that expedites the assignment process and permits the timely return of CW ISINs to “Requestors.”

The application form and accompanying electronic documentation are all that is needed to complete the request.

The DCSX issues CW ISINs for the following type of securities:

Ordinary Shares
Depository Receipts
Exchanged-Traded Funds
Mutual Funds
Limited Partnerships
Single-Stock Options
Preferred Shares
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Unit Investment Trusts

Asset-Backed Securities
Bankers Acceptances
Certificates of Deposit
Collateralized Debt Obligations
Commercial Paper
Corporate Bonds
Medium-Term Notes
Mortgage-Backed Securities
Municipal Bonds
Structured Products
Syndicated Loans

Requestors will receive an initial email confirming the receipt of the request. Next, the requestor will receive an email from our administration department with the invoice for the ISIN application fee.

The issuing process will be completed upon the receipt of the proof of payment (the application fee is 200USD excluding 6% turnover tax) and the final documents.

Without receipt of the final documentation within 10 days of the offering date, the DCSX reserves the right to suspend and/or withdraw the ISIN code request.

The DCSX will perform the review of received documents when proof of payment is provided.

Upon completion of the issuing process, the requestor will receive an email confirmation with the allocated CW ISIN. Along with the ISIN, the requestor will also receive a designated Classification of Financial Instruments code (CFI), and a Financial Instrument Short Name (FISN).


For a complete overview of the CW ISIN application process at the exchange download the DCSX CW ISIN Overview

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