Listing Advisor Shanghai Chucheng submits its second listing
July 6, 2017
Stock Symbol approval for: NDJM
September 7, 2017

Listing Approval for WSYS

Waters Years Holdings Group Limited the 100 % ultimate holding company / owner of Jilin Waters Years Agriculture Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (“JWY”) was approved for listing depository receipts (DR’s) of shares on the DCSX on July 14-2017. The securities will be listed under the symbol WSYS. The company will list 683 million DR’s at a listing price of US$ 0.70 per DR.

Jilin Waters is based in the Chuan Ying District, Jilin City, Jilin Province, China and is engaged in the planting and sales of fruit trees (not include production and sales of seed), management and consultation of company and product information, image design and marketing of company including convention and exhibition services; primary focus in its initial stages has been the planting of blueberries, berries and schisandra products in general. The company has been in operation since 2015.

The company’s products cover Liaoning province, Jilin province, Heilongjiang province and many other regions. The company adheres to the principle that: customer demand is the guide. It relies on the development and promotion of science and technology, and intends to keeps opening markets around China. The mission of the company is to lead, apply, and disseminate the modern agricultural technology, and to create a “healthier China”.

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