Listing Approval for Yima Trading

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October 3, 2018
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October 22, 2018

Listing Approval for Yima Trading

DCSX has approved the listing of the company THE YIMA TRADING COMPANY LIMITED, whose principal activities are the growing, marketing and selling of tea and similar products in China, and potentially offshore.

The company is a vertically integrated dark tea company which has in place a complete supply chain from planting, harvesting, packaging and transporting to sales. Since the start of the company, the growth has been consistent with an ever-increasing market for dark tea in China. Their management team has successfully blended the traditional methods with today’s world, using a combination of ancient and traditional planting, harvesting and processing methods with and modern-day marketing and sales channels.

They foresee this growth to continue. They have established a wide and extensive sales network, which covers 18 cities in five provinces and directly administered municipalities in China to sell their tea.

The Company has started selling a carefully selected range of fast-selling nondurable consumer products which they procure from reputable suppliers. They sell these products under their own trademarks. The Company started selling the first of such projects which is bai-jiu, a traditional Chinese grain liquor, in the last quarter of 2017.

The Purpose of the Listing on the DCSX is to list the Shares by way of a compliance listing. No new capital will be raised as a result of the Listing. Nonetheless, directors believe that the listing of the Shares on DCSX is beneficial to the shareholders because a listing can:

  • allow Shareholders who may wish to trade their shares (after some further processes with the Exchange);
  • broaden the Company’s shareholder base;
  • facilitate the Group to raise further capital when such additional capital is required to expand the Group’s business operations or for such other purposes as they may arise;
  • raise the Group’s profile and promote the Yima brand; and
  • allow suppliers, customers, and other strategic partners to take an equity stake in the Company so as to align their interests with that of the Company.

For more information please contact the Listing Executives of Biztrack Consultants Private Limited, their Listing Adviser:

Chua Kee Leng (Director / Principal Consultant)


Phone number : +65 9106 9306

Mah Seong Kung (Director / Principal Consultant)


Phone number : +(65) 9798 9772


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