Stock-symbol approval for: SFSW

Stock symbol approval for: DQCH
December 1, 2017
Listing Approval YSGF
December 20, 2017

Stock-symbol approval for: SFSW

We are happy to confirm the stock symbol approval for  Sanfeng International BioTechnology Co., Ltd (holding company applying for listing).

The registered place of the proposed listing holding company:Cayman Islands

The date of registration of the proposed listing holding company:14 November 2017

Chinese operating entity:Hefei Shuo Hong Seed Industry Co., Ltd

Chinese Operating Entity registered place: Hefei City, China

Chinese Operating Entity registered date: November 23, 2015

Chinese operating entities registered Address: Room 308, Building A, Zhejiang Business Building, No. 103 Science Avenue, Gaoxin District, Hefei City, China

Approved: The application of Sanfeng International BioTechnology Co., Ltd for reserved stock code is approved.

Reserved stock code: SFSW

Approval date: December 13, 2017

Listing Advisor (LAD):Shanghai Chucheng Investment Management Co., Ltd.

(This approval and announcement does not represent the final listing approval of the company, DCSX reserves the final interpretation of the approval and announcement)


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