New Listing Advisor

May 24, 2022

CSKG New Listing Advisor: Lismart Consultants Ltd.

Lismart Consultants Ltd. is the new Listing advisor of Chenshuo Holding Co., Ltd with DCSX symbol CSKG  effective as of May 3, 2022.
June 14, 2022

LMNV New Listing Advisor: IQ EQ Management (Curacao) N.V.

IQ EQ Management (Curacao) N.V. is the new Listing advisor of Latmetal N.V. with DCSX symbol LMNV  effective as of June  13, 2022.
Local Time
CORDG-UK  £0.05JMYS  $0.45ZGKY  $0.57UPXS  $0.10CHFU-CW  100%BDCB-CW  100%SOMS-A1  100%SOMS-A2  100%SOMS-B1  100%SOMS-B2  100%CMRH  $2.50CNYT 36  $2.85 +0.15 (5.56%)CWIN  $1TRUE  $1.50CRLC  $26,067.18BEAR  $0.75KSTE  $0.80