Fujian Utrust Law Firm Listing Advisor on the DCSX
July 17, 2019
DCSX confirms SinoTech B.V. as Listing Advisor
August 22, 2019

Update Rules for Listing Advisors

We have updated the rules for listing advisors. The updated version can be found under Documents on the homepage.

In addition to the rules for listing advisors, current listing advisors have to comply with our rules and regulations and maintain their ongoing responsibilities as listing advisors.

For parties that are interested in becoming listing advisors, the following sets forth the procedure, steps, and requirements to become a Listing advisor on the DCSX:

  • Regarding the entity that seeks to become  a Listing Advisor please refer to Chapter A of the attached “Rules for Listing Advisors”.
  • Please note that if the entity is not an already “supervised” entity the DCSX can still grant the LAD status if the entity sufficiently proves that it is “up to the task to serve as such”.  Clearly, expertise is the key factor here: the entity and its principals must be “good and appropriately experienced ”.  
  • Check also pages 17 to 20 of the “Rules for Listing Advisors”  regarding forms to be issued and signed as indicated.
  • Regarding Fees, we have a nonrefundable application fee of USD2,000 and an Annual fee of USD4,000.

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