Updated Tradeable Listing Requirements!

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May 6, 2021
Corporate Action SOMS: Bondholders’ Meeting June 4
May 21, 2021

Updated Tradeable Listing Requirements!

Kindly note that we have updated our requirements for Tradeable Listings:

  • Section 4.7: The section was updated with a more detailed description of the requirements to be provided with an application by allocating the previous list of documents into 3 main categories: Listing Documents, Corporate Documents, and Personal Documents.
  • Section 6.4: updated financial statement requirements to include local generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) that are customarily accepted internationally in addition to IFRS as accepted reporting standards. We also added the following paragraph:

“The issuer must inform the DCSX about the GAAP reporting standards used. The request should include the name of the GAAP, a description of the GAAP, and whether the GAAP is actually supported by law in the corresponding jurisdiction. The DCSX has the right to, in any specific case and when deemed necessary, inquire more about the exact basis of the reporting standards used or require for the presented figures to be adjusted to IFRS.”

  • Appendix 1: updated the list of documents that should be provided for the listing application. The documents on the list were rearranged into the following categories: Listing Documents, Corporate Documents, and Personal Documents.


DCSX Requirements for Tradeable Listings” (version May 2021)  can be found under the category of Listing Requirements on the Documents/Downloads page: https://www.dcsx.cw/downloads

We advise all listing advisors to take note of these changes.

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