DCSX at TIF Effecten event in Shanghai, China.

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June 21, 2023
Suriname week event
August 22, 2023

DCSX at TIF Effecten event in Shanghai, China.

The DCSX profoundly thanks the Management of TIF Effecten, a recently approved Listing Advisor on our exchange platform, for their initiative to organize an informational event on the development in the area of overseas listings for Chinese-based companies.

During a well-attended and well-organized event at the Grand Kempinski Hotel in Shanghai, the attendants, mostly professionals from within the corporate finance and capital market services industry, heard from several local experts what the latest developments are in this field, including the fairly recently introduced new rules and guidelines by the CSRC (China Securities Regulatory  Commission). After having been properly introduced by the Managing Director of TIF Effecten, Mr. Joshua Ying, Mr. René Römer (Senior Commercial Advisor of the DCSX), was offered the stage and explained the history of the financial services industry in Curacao, the DCSX and its focus on the SME world at large and its benefits for that SME world to use the DCSX platform as its preferred choice. The event was closed with a very pleasant luncheon at the Grand Kempinski Hotel.

The enclosed pictures reflect respectively:

Group picture with f.l.t.r. right Mr. Xu, Kevin (CEO of TIF Effcten) , Mr. Ku, Josef (Partner of TIF Effecten and Advisor to the DCSX Board for Chinese listing matters), Mr. Römer from the DCSX, and Mr. Ying, Joshua (Managing Director TIF Effecten)




Mr. Ku, Josef receiving his Advisor Certificate from Mr. Römer

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