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December 21, 2018
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HBN Law Listing Advisor on the DCSX

HBN Law Listing Advisory Services B.V. was recently added to our list of approved Listing Advisors on the DCSX website.

HBN Law was founded in 1938 when Mr. S.W. van der Meer established Law office Van der Meer in Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles. At the end of the forties begin fifties of the 20th century, Van der Meer associated with Mr. Ronchi Isa. The firm changed names over the years and became Halley & Blaauw in 1991, named after its partners Lucius Halley and Rob Blaauw.
In 1993 Rob Blaauw took a daring decision. He moved the firm’s office from Pietermaai to the newly restored historic Villa Belvédère in Otrabanda. Back then all law firms were concentrated around Pietermaai and Punda. Otrabanda was considered a poor area with no business opportunities. The firm however rapidly expanded and became leading on all Dutch Caribbean islands ever since. This out-of- the- box vision still characterizes HBN Law.
Nelson Navarro joined the firm’s partnership in 1997 and the firm renamed into Halley Blaauw & Navarro. In 2005 the firm changed its name into HBN Law. HBN Law became more than just a name: it became a brand.

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