Listing Approval for ECOPL-UK

Listing Approval for CAPRM-UK
September 12, 2018
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October 3, 2018

Listing Approval for ECOPL-UK

DCSX has approved the technical listing of 30,233,289 shares (issued & outstanding) of Eco-Plan  PLC (ECOPL-UK), the LAD is Amergeris Global Listing & Exchange Services 

Eco-Plan PLC is a company, which was incorporated in the United Kingdom under the Companies Act 2006 on 7 September 2017. The registered address of the company is Minshull House, 67 Wellington Road, Road North, Stockport, Cheshire, SK4 2LP. Eco-Plan LPC is 100% owner of Eco-Plan PLC Mexico SAP de I de CV. Eco-Plan PLC Mexico SAP de I de CV is a start-up company that was created with the mechanism to bring to the market a complete program to sequester GHGs and commercializes products that derive from Nopal Cactus Plant production. Eco-Plan PLC is creating an effective solution for the capture and processing of CO2 as well as to generate clean energy from Nopal cactus. Designed, developed, tested, it is a surprisingly profitable solution in developing a Self-Sustainable Rural Development Program.

The company was established to create the methodology, develop and patent the process of CO2 Capture and commercialize the Eco-Plan Plc program in Mexico using Nopal Cactus to generate biogas, ethanol or biodiesel and fertilizer from the digestion of nopal cactus waste using portable units. The nopal waste is harvested and entered into an anaerobic digester or an Ethanol production units (with a proprietary microbial consortium additive*) in order to produce methane (C H4) or Ethanol (CH3-CH 2-OH). Where the biogas is sold mainly to heavy industry as a source of alternative energy, Ethanol can be blended with low octane (87) gasoline and distribute in gas stations. The replacement of fossil fuel by Green Energy entitles the project proponent to claim carbon offsets from fuel switch activities. In addition, the carbon sequestration achieved by the nopal cactus plantations results in biological carbon sequestration. Because cactus transform CO2 into calcium carbonate rather than storing CO2 into its biomass and that the captured CO2 is injected in to the ground through the root system of the plant, this type of carbon capture and storage can be assimilated to a permanent sequestration and, the ref ore, lead to the allowance of carbon offsets. To realize its business s plan, Eco-Plan Mexico S.A .P de I de CV acquired Groupo Commercial E Industrial Rodvic.

The Eco-Plan business model is based on an integrated strategy from the field up to the production of added value commodities from the nopal cactus transformation. Revenues are generated at each stage of the nopal cactus transformation process from growing and harvesting the cactus, producing green energy like biogas and ethanol to transforming the mechanization or ethanol production residue into organic fertilizer and generating carbon offsets. The diagram bellow shows the business model and revenue streams of Eco-Plan PLC Mexico SAP de I de CV.

Eco-Plan group of companies will bring portable-scalable CO2 capture and transformation technology to market, by managing an important amount of dedicated Nopal cactus plantations, biodigesters and ethanol production units in rural Mexico. The Company will be an important grower of Nopal cactus and an operator of small ethanol power plants, biodigesters and CO2 industrial scrubbers unable to capture CO2 emission from chimneys and transform it into carbonate of calcium achieving GHG reductions while producing a valuable by-product. Those specific scrubbers are branded under the “Eco-Plan Technologies”.
As economies try to meet the technological and policy challenges of making deep reductions in CO2 emissions, and as industries try to reduce their exposure to emissions-related financial risks, CO2 capture will prove to be an attractive option in many markets and sectors. Eco-Plan has built and tested two pilot plants that have showcased and proven with detailed engineering and design work, the capture and the transformation of CO2, this will push policy-makers and industry leaders to seriously consider CO2 capture as an attractive tool in tackling long-term climate change impacts.

Eco-plans technology is creating an effective solution for the capture, quantification, and monetization of Nopal cactus carbon offsets at the same transforming nopal cactus waste into clean energy, and commodities that could be easily used by our clients. The company’s business model is to establish over 2,446 strategic modular manufacturing locations throughout 32 States in Mexico for the collection and transformation of Nopal waste into Organic Fertilizer, Biogas or Ethanol for the local markets. These products will be sold to local farmers, Municipalities, heavy industry, and State and Federal Governments Officials to operate their fleet of vehicles.

Further details about the business refer to the Prospectus (Information Memorandum).

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