Stock symbol approval for: JNCY
August 7, 2019
Stock symbol approval for: BTGJ
August 16, 2019

Listing Approval for JGIF

DCSX has approved the listing of 30,000 ordinary shares of class A (the “Class A Shares”) of Jazon Global Investment Fund Ltd. The mandated Listing advisor is Untitled Authorised Representatives Ltd.

Jazon Global Investment Fund is a Business Company incorporated under the laws of the British Virgin Islands on 10 October 2018. The Fund will seek capital appreciation through investing in all kind of financial assets that prove a potential growth on the short term and may invest in a wide range of investment instruments such as stocks, corporates and sovereigns bonds, investment funds, commodities, ETF, currencies, futures, derivatives, etc. utilizing a variety of investment techniques, and financial markets around the world.

The present description of the Fund’s investment strategy is general and is not intended to be exhaustive.  Investors must recognize that there are inherent limitations on all descriptions of trading methods due to the complexity, confidentiality and, in the case of the discretionary features of such approaches, the indefinite nature of such methods.  Further details about the Fund will be found in the Information Memorandum. Contact the Listing Advisor for the Confidential Information Memorandum of the Fund.


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