Technical Listing Approval for ICEF Wide Fund Ltd

Delisting FUCG
October 7, 2022
Technical Listing Approval for Soursal Investments Fund SPC Corp
October 13, 2022

Technical Listing Approval for ICEF Wide Fund Ltd

DCSX approved on October 5, 2022, the technical listing of 49,900 ordinary shares of the company ICEF Wide Fund Ltd. (DCSX Symbol: ICWF). 

ICEF Wide Fund Ltd will provide financial services to trading companies in Argentina. This activity is known as trade finance. The fund will also seek capital appreciation through investing in all kinds of financial assets that prove a potential growth in the short term and may invest in a wide range of investment instruments such as stocks, corporates, and sovereigns bonds, investment funds, commodities, ETF, currencies, futures, derivatives, etc. utilizing a variety of investment techniques, and financial markets around the world. The process/benefit of trade finance consists of making it available to the exporter, prior to the documentation of the export operation and the actual shipment of the export goods, a value equivalent to the collection of this, less a discount rate that remunerates the financing operation.

The mandated Listing advisor of the Fund is Untitled LAD Services LLC. Further details about each share class can be found on our Markets page under the Fund Symbol ICWF.

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