Technical Listing Approval for Kaissa Investment Fund Ltd.

Reclassification of Trade-able Listings to Technical Listings
August 9, 2021
Stock Symbol Approval For: XLGJ
August 16, 2021

Technical Listing Approval for Kaissa Investment Fund Ltd.

DCSX has approved on August 5, 2021,  the technical listing of 50,000 ordinary shares of Kaissa Investment Fund Ltd. (DCSX Symbol: KIFL).  The mandated Listing advisor is Untitled LAD Services LLC.

Kaissa Investment Fund Ltd. is a company incorporated under the laws of the British Virgin Islands. The Fund will seek capital appreciation through investing in all kinds of financial assets that prove a potential growth in the short term and may invest in a wide range of investment instruments such as stocks, corporates, and sovereigns bonds, investment funds, commodities, ETF, currencies, futures, derivatives, etc. utilizing a variety of investment techniques, and financial markets around the world.

Listing on DCSX provides the benefits of being approved through the methods accepted by the DCSX and listed on an internationally securities exchange which generates international advantages for investors.

Further details about the fund can be found on our Markets page under Fund Symbol KIFL.

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