Technical Listing Approval for Rosso Global Income Fund

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November 19, 2019
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November 28, 2019

Technical Listing Approval for Rosso Global Income Fund

DCSX has approved the technical listing of 49,900 ordinary shares of class A (the “Class A Shares”) of ROSSO GLOBAL INCOME FUND LTD. (DCSX Symbol: RGIF) The mandated Listing advisor is Untitled Authorised Representatives Ltd.

Rosso Global Income Fund Ltd has the objective to invest in a diversified portfolio of assets mainly composed of fixed income assets and equities. Fund investments are oriented to fixed income assets. The purpose of the fund is to maximize returns investing in sovereign and corporate bonds, as well as also according to market conditions could incorporate equity. The fund cannot exceed the investment in equity in more than 25% of the total managed assets.

The fund is constituted with the purpose of granting security, profitability and adequate liquidity to the investors. The fund listed on the DCSX to create a heightened public profile and enhance their capital raising possibilities.

Further details about the business will be found on our Markets page on this website under Funds Symbol RGIF, section Company Information.

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