The Curaçao Investor Permit

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The Curaçao Investor Permit

On May 17, 2018 STEP (Society of Trust & Estate Planners) Curaçao organized a luncheon to increase the awareness in regards to the Curaçao Investor Permit. The Curaçao Investor Permit is one of the various relatively new products that Curaçao has to offer. This product in many cases will require involvement from multiple players currently active in Curaçao’s International Financial Sector, including tax advisors, legal counsels, accountants, banks and trust companies and has the potential to offer Curaçao’s economy a significant impulse through a steady stream of foreign investment income a/o knowledge.

The speaker, Sebastiaan Kunneman, is the managing director of Trans-Atlantic Capital Group (“TCG”), a brokerage firm specializing in system dynamics within the financial service sector. TCG provides turn-key investment solutions to both local and foreign investors on Curaçao and the Dutch Caribbean. TCG’s main service lines including, Business Development Solutions, Family Office Services and the topic of the luncheon, the Curaçao Investor permit.

Why is an Investor Permit attractive?

The global rise of the High Net Worth Individuals demanding increased travel and investment freedom has led to a new type of client, classified as “Global Citizens”. This new category of wealthy traveling individuals often originates from Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America. Key concerns amongst these Global Citizens are visa-free travel, family safety, financial security and status in society.

In line with globalization, a multitude of countries has adopted special “Investor Permit” programs that provide solutions to one or several of these concerns. In return for substantial investments in the ‘host’ country, an investor can rapidly obtain either a residency or citizenship and thereby often a passport of that country.

Although the performance of these programs varies substantially, successful programs have resulted in significant increases in foreign direct investment.

Why is the Curaçao Investor Permit attractive?

Curaçao is strategically located between North and South America, enjoys a mature financial sector, beautiful tropical weather, solid legal system, excellent airlift and as a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Dutch passport which is ranked 5th most powerful passport in terms of visa-free travel.

About the Curacao Investor Permit

The Curacao investor permit is one of the permits available in the Caribbean along with investor permits from St. Kitts & Nevis, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, Saint Lucia and Dominica. It consists of residency a/o citizenship programs for investments in Real Estate and Business Ventures. The Curaçao Investor Permit offers three options including;

  • A 3-year program for investments with a minimum capital of 500,000 ANG;
  • A 5-year program for investments with a minimum capital of 750,000 ANG;
  • Indefinite program for investments with a minimum capital of 1,500,000 ANG.

After a period of five years, the investor becomes eligible for Dutch citizenship and passport provided that the investor officially lives and resides in Curacao, adheres to the minimum investment under the investor permit program and successfully passes the “inburgerings examen.” The latter refers to the fact that the investor shall dominate the basics of the language for instance.

The Curacao investor permit has a great economic potential for Curaçao provided that the program:

  1. is supported by the local financial service sector and government;
  2. contains standardized application requirements and guarantees that upon adequate documentation the permit is automatically released;
  3. allows corporate transactions as proof of investment;
  4. provides direct access or visa-free travel to the Netherlands and within the Schengen Area.

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