Tradeable Listing Approval for CAS Health Holding Group

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December 12, 2019
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December 18, 2019

Tradeable Listing Approval for CAS Health Holding Group

DCSX has approved on December 9, 2019, the listing of 100,000,000 trade-able shares of CAS Health Holding Group Inc. (DCSX Symbol: CASN) @ USD 0.43 with an initial market capitalization of USD 43Million.  SHKL Group Limited is the mandated Listing Advisor.

CAS Health Holding Group Inc. is a limited liability company registered in the Cayman Islands on 16th May 2019 (Company Registration No. AS-351370) and is the listing entity of the operating companies (subsidiaries) registered in China. CAS Health Holding Group Inc. and its ultimate subsidiaries CASUWIN Heibei Biotechnology Co. Ltd. and CASUWIN (Beijing) Biotechnology Co. Ltd. are high-tech enterprises specializing in R&D, production and sales of Food for Special Medical Purpose focused on the characteristics of clinical patients and Chinese people’s healthy nutrition needs.

Headquarter of the Group is based in Shijiazhuang, He Bei Province, China, and was established in 2011. They intend to achieve their business objective of increasing their market share and strengthening their market position in the supply of “Food for Special Medical Purpose” in China, by expanding their product sales coverage to 3-4 additional provinces and increase their product variety. They expect to acquire 0.5% -1% of the total market share in China in 5 years and become one of the local major market leaders in Heibei Province.

In connection with and for the purpose of the Listing, existing shareholders restructured their interests in the operating companies so that existing shareholders hold their interests in the operating companies indirectly through their shareholdings in the Group in the proportion of their interests in the equity capital of the operating company prior to the restructuring. The Group applied for a tradeable listing of the presently issued and outstanding shares. In other words, the Group does not raise or will not raise or receive new funds with this listing. However, the Group and/or its shareholders may wish to trade their existing shares through listing on the DCSX which will create liquidity for existing shares of the Group.

Further details about the business will be found on our Markets page on this website under Equities Symbol CASN, section Company Information.

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