DCSX @ the University of Curaçao

DCSX @ Bon Bini for Business Summit 2019
February 6, 2019
Road to GES2019 Caribbean
April 1, 2019

DCSX @ the University of Curaçao

On March 6, 2019, the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange visited the University of Curaçao (“UoC”).  Our CEO, Mr. Römer accompanied by our COO, Mr. Hammoud, give a presentation as guest lecturers to 2nd-year students of the Faculty of  Social Sciences and Economics during the course of Entrepreneurial Finance. Mr. Römer and Mr. Hammoud explained about the Initial Public Offering process and how financing through the exchange works. We are happy to see the interest of students, and we thank, Mr. Randhoplh Camelia, lecturer at the UoC, for the invitation.

We understand the importance of financial literacy, which is why we are working on a program to provide financial literacy courses to all local university students. However, this requires resources in order to maintain it free of costs for the students. We extend an invitation to all companies which would be interested in contributing with us to send us an email at Info@dcsx.cw with the caption “Support Students’ Financial Education Program“.

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