Listing Celebration Hung Wei

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September 6, 2018
Listing Celebration Xiamen Yilikang
September 13, 2018

Listing Celebration Hung Wei

On August 29, 2018, we had the pleasure of celebrating the DCSX listing of HUNG WEI HOLDING CO. LTD. (ticker symbol: HUWH-MO) at the Amazia restaurant venue. Together with our honored guests from the company and valued representatives of the government, the DCSX, the Listing Advisor and other interested invitees who believe in a thriving Dutch Caribbean Capital Market, we marked another unique milestone. It goes without saying that we are happy to see a growing interest of companies from the Far East in our securities exchange.

Our CEO Mr. Römer opened the event with showing appreciation for the decision of Hung Wei to list in Curaçao and explaining about the benefits listing on the DCSX can have in a general sense.

Mr. Gwido Jansen attended on behalf of the Curaçao Government. He thanked the Chinese guests for the confidence in our country and in the DCSX and reiterated that while Curaçao is small, together with serious business partners it is really capable of achieving great things.

Frank Lammers, Managing Director of Amergeris Global Listing and Exchange Services which is Hung Wei’s Listing Advisor, explained about the importance and value of interactive pre- and post-listing guidance, about the role of the listing advisor in that respect, and thanked Hung Wei for the pleasant and continuing collaboration.

Mr. Cheung, CEO of Hung Wei personally introduced the Hung Wei Group as a quality and client-oriented technology services provider and explained why his company chooses to list on the DCSX. It is Hung Wei’s ambition to penetrate international markets with existing products and become a global brand for online leisure and entertainment services. Listing on a recognized securities exchange is seen as instrumental because it elevates a company’s profile and adds to visibility and recognition.

As per a good tradition customized with Asian flavors the “Opening Bell” was rung in order to officially seal the listing, whereby everyone made a toast to the future success of Hung Wei.


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