Listing Celebration SDTL

Great Vision Capital Limited confirmed as Listing Advisor
June 10, 2019
China Yuan Se International Holding Group Delisted
June 12, 2019

Listing Celebration SDTL

On May 24th, 2019, we had the pleasure of celebrating the DCSX listing of Sino-Australia Sky Dragon Group Limited (DCSX stock symbol: SDTL) on the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange in Curacao. The ceremony was held at the Curaçao House in The Hague, The Netherlands. Together with our honored guests from the company and valued representatives of the government of China, The Netherlands, Aruba, Sint Maarten, and Curaçao, the DCSX, the Listing Advisor and other interested invitees who believe in a thriving Dutch Caribbean Capital Market, we marked another unique milestone. It goes without saying that we are happy to see a growing interest of companies from the Far East in our securities exchange.

Our CEO Mr. Römer opened the event by showing appreciation for the decision of Sino-Australia Sky Dragon Group Limited to list in Curaçao and explaining about the benefits listing on the DCSX can have. Mr. Römer pointed out that while of course we are honored to celebrate this event at the Curacao house in the Netherlands, the listing of the company is on the exchange based in Curacao. Meeting halfway between China and Curacao in the Curacao house in the Hague is a beautiful opportunity but should not be exposed or construed by any party as to indicate that the company is listed in the Netherlands.

His Excellency Mr. Anthony Begina, Minister Plenipotentiary of Curaçao, attended as representative of the Curaçao Government in the Netherlands. Mr. Begina thanked the Chinese guests for the confidence in Curaçao and in the DCSX and reiterated that Curaçao will always have its doors open to welcome good business that brings prosperity to all and wished Sino-Australia Sky Dragon Group Limited the best on their future endeavors.

Mr. ZHANG Lianchen, Secretary of Party and Labor Committee and Director of Management Committee of Liaocheng in China, explained that this listing on the DCSX will bring opportunity for business and development for the company and wished the company the best going forward.

Mr. Edmond Zhang, representative of SSC Corporate Services Limited, which is Sino-Australia Sky Dragon Group Limited’s mandated Listing Advisor, explained the challenges of the listing process and thanked his teams including the legal team and audit team and everyone who contributed to the project. He also thanked the DCSX for the approval and completion of the listing process, and he also thanked Sino-Australia Sky Dragon Group Limited for choosing them as listing advisor.

Mr. LIU Qin Song, CEO of Sino-Australia Sky Dragon Group Limited, spoke on behalf of his company. Sino-Australia Sky Dragon Group Limited is the holding company owning 100% of the shares in Shandong Tianlong China, the operating entity, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries Sky Dragon HK and Sky Dragon WFOE. The group predominantly generates revenue by providing building fit-out and refurbishment services. Shandong Tianlong has entered a new era of its development and maintains good cooperation with its domestic and foreign intermediary agents by normalizing itself and adopting the ideas of going global. The Sino-Australia Sky Dragon Group listed on the DCSX for the following reasons: to improve the liquidity of the Company’s shares, allowing it to expand its business and achieve long-term growth;  to explore opportunities to enter into the international market; to gain ongoing access to the capital market by listing on the DCSX; to provide ongoing transparency to the Company’s Shareholders, customers and other key stakeholders; to elevate the Company’s brand image and to enhance the Company’s corporate governance by matching the standard of corporate governance in international capital market.

As per a good tradition customized with Asian flavors the “Opening Bell” was rung in order to officially seal the listing, whereby everyone made a toast to the future success of Sino-Australia Sky Dragon Group Limited.

We wish to thank Mr. Henk Kool for helping us moderate the event, Mrs. Marion Verboom for the excellent assistance with the event planning and especially His Excellency Minister Plenipotentiary, Mr. Anthony Begina, for providing us with the opportunity to host a listing celebration at the Curaçao House in The Hague, The Netherlands for the first time in the exchange’s history.


Visit our Facebook page for more pictures of the event and our Youtube channel for the highlights video.

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