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October 21, 2019
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November 14, 2019


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The DCSX recently sponsored 10 university students in Curaçao to attend the rebroadcast of the Live2Lead event to support the personal growth of our local young professionals.

Live2Lead is a half-day leadership and personal growth event that was hosted LIVE in Atlanta on Friday, October 11, 2019. This event is an annual leadership gathering developed by The John Maxwell Company. For almost a decade, Live2Lead has shared leadership and personal growth principles to a live audience and over 300 simulcast locations around the world. This event was simulcasted LIVE in Willemstad, Curaçao on October 11 for a small group at the Renaissance Curaçao Resort, and rebroadcasted on October 26 for the general public at the Movies @Otrobanda, formerly known as the Cinemas Curaçao.

Topics covered were:


This year the focus was on the development of a leadership culture starting with how 90% of leaders in general never develop leaders. They cultivate followers.


The focus here was on why people matter and the impact of leaders on people’s lives. People and their growth matter. There are good leaders and bad leaders. Good leaders stimulate growth and encourage their team to be at their best.


Discussions zeroed in on how traditional leadership needs to change. Leaders need to learn to listen to their team. Instead on focusing on “I” and selling goals to merely reach a high position.


  1. Give 60%. Take 40%. Apply it in everything not just at work.
  2. Nobody cares how much you know; they care about how much you care. See and Listen to your team.
  3. Big great ideas come from several small great ideas combined. Often, it’s just not one person that is responsible for a great idea.


At the DCSX we understand the importance of financial literacy and also acknowledge that personal development is an important and crucial factor in the development of our current and future leaders. There are many variations and types of leadership. At the DCSX, it is not our task to favor any specific type of leadership, but we are glad to see how leadership that puts people first has become globally not only the most popular but moreover often the most “profitable” approach.


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