2019 Curaçao Tech Meetups

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August 9, 2019
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September 3, 2019

2019 Curaçao Tech Meetups

Yesterday, September 2, 2019, was the opening night of the Curaçao Tech Meetups, an 8 days event about the latest in Technology. His excellency, the Prime Minister, Mr Eugene Rhuggenaat, Her excellence Miss Curaçao, Kyrsha Attaf, Joanne Balentien Nicastia CFO Web Bonaire and TEDx Speaker, Yithza Davelaar, Founder of Islandessa Foundation, and Adric Walters Founder of the Curaçao Tech Meetups were the speakers of the evening. They all shared their views on Women In Tech, Kids in Tech and Tech against poverty.

It was an interesting night centered on the importance of technology, with deep discussions about the importance of using technology productively, to create benefits for society. Rather than becoming addicted to technology (by using it unproductively), we should learn what’s behind the technology, computer science: coding for starters. In order to develop a healthy mind, is vital to unleashing its maximum potential. For decades we have been conditioned to live with the negative as the “headline of the day”. This, whether we like it or not, influences our mental wellbeing.

In addition, to overcome unsolved personal struggles, on the participants of the education sector, the concept of positive education was highlighted. Recognizing the students’ talents and help them develop them, contributes to their personal growth. The teachers are in charge of identifying these talents and are being guided by Islandessa Foundation on how to do so. Happy teachers generate happy students, and Happy students become healthy productive members of society.

Our limitations are mostly mental, and we need to overcome those blocks. If we are talking about technology, there is no limitation to achieving great things, but we need the tools to include everyone in the process. Is in this spirit of inclusion, that Curaçao Tech Meetups was inspired to give the free entrance status for the majority of the activities during the week.

Today is Day 2 of the Curaçao Tech Meetups. What’s on the agenda?

The “Hackaton” at Acoya Hotel and the session “Technologies of the Next Decade” at the Central Bank. Will you be there? Don’t miss this opportunity!!! See the complete schedule at https://www.curacaotechmeetups.com

It appears that all free events are sold out. If for any circumstance you are not able to attend inform the organizers in order to give someone else the chance at info@curacaotechmeetups.com


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