Courtesy visit JSE, BSE and TTSE

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February 5, 2018
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March 28, 2018

Courtesy visit JSE, BSE and TTSE

On Wednesday January 31th, we received a courtesy visit of representatives of respectively the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE), The Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE) and the Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange (TTSE):

· Mrs. Marlene Street-Forrest (Managing Director JSE)

· Mrs. Suzette McNaught (IT Manager JSE)

· Mr. Marlon Yarde (Managing Director BSE)

· Mr. Ravel Griffith (IT Manager TTSE)

· Mr. Dale Dickson (IT Manager TTSE)

Mrs. Street-Forrest was our guest speaker at our Investment Conference held on November last year.

DCSX representative Mr. Walter Blijleven attended the investment conference hosted by JSE in January, which created an opportunity for us to meet with JSE, BSE and TTSE.

During this courtesy visit we discussed possibilities for our exchanges to work together. Points discussed included sharing knowledge on systems, rules and regulations and the possibilities for dual listings.

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