Listing Ceremonies for 2 Chinese holding entities on the DCSX

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February 14, 2018
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April 10, 2018

Listing Ceremonies for 2 Chinese holding entities on the DCSX

The DCSX is proud and thankful to have completed last Tuesday and Thursday 2 listing ceremonies for 2 different Chinese holding entities. “This time we had a company that is involved in the business of equity investments and investment advice in China (Chenshuo Holding Co. Ltd.) and another company involved in ecological hotels and restaurants development (China Yuan Se International  Holding Group Co., Ltd.)” explains Mr. René Römer, CEO of the Dutch Caribbean Securities exchange, thanking the guest form China for their choice of listing on our securities exchange; after which His Excellency  the Minister of Economic Development Dr. Steven Martina honored all present with a personal message and invitation to continue to look at Curaçao for investment possibilities on the Island as well as thru our Island as a hub to neighboring countries.

After the Ministers welcome words it was Mr. Derk Scheltema in his capacity as President of the Board of the DCSX who welcomed our guests and invited them to continue finding the DCSX for their expansion plans followed by personal speeches by Mrs. Zhang, Yawei, and Mr. Wu, Simao, respectively Chairwoman and chairman of Chenshuo and China Yuan Se.

The speech part was closed with a message from Mr. Li,  Houhai form the Listing Advisor Chucheng Capital who guided the clients in this listing process. Completely in accordance with Chinese customs the ceremony then culminated by “hitting the gong” to officially accept the listings on the DCSX.  


Chenshuo Holding Co. Ltd. Hitting the Gong


China Yuan Se International  Holding Group Co., Ltd. Hitting the Gong

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