DCSX @ Present Your Startup Caribbean 2018 Semi-Finals

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April 10, 2018
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June 7, 2018

DCSX @ Present Your Startup Caribbean 2018 Semi-Finals

Present Your Startup Caribbean

Have a dream. Set it up. Make it Happen! This is the motto of the Startups that participated in the Present Your Startup Program. The Present Your Startup program was founded in 2014 by Mrs. Valerie Vallendunk in Holland. The Present your Startup Program offers Startups in the Caribbean the opportunity to prepare the best pitch for their ideas. The preselected Startups are trained during a boot camp of 3 days. The third day is the pitching day. This year the boot camp was organized on May 7, 8 and 9 at Papagayo Beach in Curaçao. It was also the second edition of Present your Startup Caribbean.

On May 9th the top 8 preselected Startups presented their dreams which included innovative ideas from Certified Organic Cosmetics from the BVI, Smart Mini Farms from Curaçao, Direct Flights from St Eustatius, Modular Housing Demand System from Curaçao, Direct Transportation between the ABC islands from Bonaire, Helping Conserving Sea turtles in Curaçao, Avoid Skin Cancer from Aruba to an Encrypted Credit Card Payment Solution from the BVI. Each Startup has something unique and the pitches were inspiring as well as well presented.

DCSX representative, Diana Intriago acted as a jury member during the semi-finals. The head of the jury, Mr. Luis Santine, announced the 5 winners on the evening on May 9 that will have the opportunity in August to pitch their ideas this time in front of international investors that will be coming to Curaçao specifically for this event. The Startups will get the opportunity to obtain the financing they need to make their projects a reality and prosper.

   Present Your Startup DCSX

At the DCSX we believe in bringing investing opportunities to investors and this seems like a great opportunity to assist the Present Your Startup Caribbean Initiative lead by Mrs. Valerie Vallendunk in order to help get these Startups ready for the investors. For that reason, we offer the winner of the competition the possibility to get listed on the exchange in order to get any additional capital required by going public. The startup will have the first year listed free of cost and will receive the guidance of one of our Listing Advisors.

Congratulations to the winners of the semi-final round:

  • Clean-up Sea Turtle Conservation from Curaçao (Sabine Berendse)
  • Ching From the British Virgin Islands (Chad Lettsome)
  • Fresh Habits from Curaçao (Giancarlo Da Costa)
  • Project J from Bonaire (Jay Collado)
  • SageRoots from the British Virgin Islands (Lenette Lewis)

Well Done!

PresentYourStartup Winners-    Present Your Startup Winner---

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