Listing Celebration Curaçao Heritage Fund

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May 15, 2018
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Listing Celebration Curaçao Heritage Fund

The listing celebration for the Curaçao Heritage Fund took place on June the 5th at the Ginger Restaurant at “Pietermaai small”. A very symbolic location to celebrate the successful listing of the fund which has as its first investment the purchase of several pieces of real estate all operational in the Pietermaai small area. The Minister of Economic Development, Mr. Steven Martina, welcomed all attendees and concentrated on the importance of a project such as the Curaçao Heritage Fund which proves a continued belief in the development of our tourism and thereto related industry in Curacao.

The composedly emotional and very well known founders of the several jewels of real estate in Pietermaai small, Wilfred Hendriksen and Anne-Marieke Holten emphasized the importance of such a fund to invest in projects like these to take it all to the next level. They also reiterated their staying committed to remain active and be ready for yet new developments in the tourism-related industry on Curacao.


Bharat Bhojwani, Managing Director of the Curaçao Financial Group, one of the major project leaders,  emphasized the importance of this project for the island and the economy. And he also was thankful to the major players who made the fund a reality, including partners (with a special note to his partner in business Mr. Walter Blijven) investors and supporters of the project.

Finally, René Römer, Managing Director of the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange, gave some final words congratulating everyone that has been part of bringing the Curaçao Heritage fund to list on the exchange and expressing the wish that the fund may soon have other projects going onto the DCSX board.

As it has become a tradition with other listing celebrations also this time to officially seal the listing of the Curaçao Heritage Fund the “bell was rung” by hitting a gong after which the guests enjoyed a cocktail and snacks.


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