DCSX meeting with the Commercial Consul of the Chinese Consulate General in Willemstad
August 2, 2021
Miércoles Bursátiles de las Américas 2021 – Free Webinars
October 5, 2021


The III International Forum of Issuers from the Securities Markets of the Americas (FIMVA 2021) is the main securities market business event in the region, bringing together 9 Stock Markets, represented by 10 Securities/Stock Exchanges with their issuers, structuring agents, and institutional and private investors, all with the objective of doing regional business. The event took place on July 27 and 28 and was organized by AMERCA (Association of Capital Markets of the Americas).

During the FIMVA 2021, the Dutch Caribbean Securities Exchange (“DCSX”), as one of the members of AMERCA, presented one of its successful listings on July 27 the “Staatsolie Maatschappij Suriname bond listing with DCSX Symbol SOMS” with A.K. (Agnes) Moensi-Sokowikromo, CFO of the issuer, and Rene Römer, DCSX Senior Commercial Advisor, as speakers. The presentation is published on our YouTube channel. In addition to this presentation, DCSX Commercial Advisor for LATAM, Diana Intriago, moderated the Panel “En camino hacia la construcción de economías sostenibles en nuestras regiones” on July 27. The DCSX had a virtual stand where we were able to virtually interact with participants and do networking sessions. For us, it was an honor to be able to support this event and expand our opportunities in the region in this 3rd edition of FIMVA.


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